Интерьер мансардного этажа

Mansard Floor Interpreter

A multifunctional space of 48 square metres allows residents to make choices: to be alone or to be together with all. Cleared from unnecessary objects and filled with light and air, space can lead a person to another dimension and help build a calm rest.

The centre of the room is a functional area, a white cube, which divides the entire living room into 5 zones: the active-time zone, the TV-space, the wardrobe zone, the place of private rest and the recreational zone inside the white environment.

There are soft sliding modules under the cube, and there's a live tree inside it that is illuminated in the interior. rooftops♪ This is a place for privacy, meditation and relaxing. Mobile modules can create different communication zones, desk games, and someone who needs to be alone can go and rest under a tree.

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