Устройство мансардного этажа

Mansard Floor Device

201308 118Specific proposal

The first person who decided to use a black space for residential purposes was the French architect F. Mansar, so the living room under the rolls of a broken roof became a mansard.

Very often, the cost of the mechandise is significantly lower than the full floor. It's not like that. Savings are generally limited to the fact that part of the roof structure is the walls of mansards, but the often used area of mansards is decreasing, because it is not possible to place a full floor in the rolling roof of the same area.

To increase the area Mensard floor The inclination angle of the roof increases, and the structure of the roof itself makes the lazy. This solves the problem of space, but reduces savings from construction.

There is a perception of many of our clients that complex roofs demolish the house, and rooms with inclined ceilings look unusual and exquisite. In part, we agree with the mere proviso that the complex roofs are harder to serve and harder to build.

In the construction of the new house, the question of the fixture remains open and each customer must weigh everything for and against the right decision. Another case is that the house is already built and there is a need to increase the area.

If you have a need to increase the living space of the house while you have a dark space, and its height is suitable for a mansard, its construction is the best option.

When we built the mansards of the photography, we actually built a floor above the existing building to the house and set a new roof under the existing roof of the main house.

When fixing the mansards, close attention must be paid to the warming and vapouring of the roof. There is also a need to examine the skin structure, if necessary, to strengthen it. The audits should be covered with cover. All this needs to be done because, after the renovation and completion of the scattered works, access to the poor will be limited and leaks in the roof will be difficult. ♪

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