Интерьер детской в мансарде

Mansard Floor

Housing houses are increasingly being equipped with an additional mansard floor today. What's different than the rest of us? It is located directly under the construction of a blood pie, a tilt ceiling, and its height may be lower than the normal premises. Often, the interrier even leaves the propile elements that only give romantic and original design. Disein of the bedroom on the mansard floor presents certain requirements to be followed, but they are not complex. It is recommended that the design be selected immediately and that the details be determined.

The place in the mansard is different from the usual, so other discharge rules apply.

Meaning rules

The forming of a memorial bedroom differs with some characteristics. This is about the choice of furniture, environment, lighting. A small role is played by the colour that makes the room more light and cozy. Diesine bedrooms on the memorial floor require one incremental reception that allows visual expansion of the space and much better lighting. The walls are recommended to be in brighter tones and to use brighter and darker for the central part of the room. This will separate the centre of the room, it will dominate the environment. The distance from such simple manipulations will be much wider and brighter.

bedroom furniture

The modern bedroom on the mansard floor to the furniture is quite demanding. The space is small, and the lighting is a little worse than the usual room, so the furniture has to be chosen only the most necessary. It's enough to put a bed, a couple of cover-ups, a magazine or coffee table, a couple of comfortable chairs or chairs.

Instead of the chairs, you can use some unusual shape, they'll take much less space.

Photo 1. Because of the low and dried ceilings, the furniture in the mansard is better to pick up the style of minimalism, it'll make it simpler.

In choosing furniture, it is recommended that the principle of minimalism be applied. An example is given in rice. 1. This will make the environment more attractive and comfortable. The lighters better use less cumbersome. Slight lights on paved carcases or stacked ribs, soft ceiling lights of a small form of matt glass.

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