Мансардный или второй этаж

How To Build A Floor

The construction of a private house is becoming increasingly demanded and popular among developers. That's not surprising, because the mansard is an additional living room in the house. The construction of the mechandise floor is convenient and practical, and it also gives the countryside or private housing a presentation. The main advantages of the mechandise are:

  • Retrieval of additional housing.
  • Increased construction density.
  • Expansion of exploited housing.
  • Quick building.
  • Low cost of installation.

The construction of the mechandise floor can be included in the private house design plan immediately. You can also order the construction of an old house. In this case, many nuances are taken into account, the main being the verification of the strength of the old foundation, since the additional building will add the weight of the dwelling, which will affect the entire construction of the country ' s dwellings. Therefore, the design of the Mensard Floor Project needs to be approached professionally and with all the insights.

The following requirements are taken into account in the design of the Mensard roof project:

  • Blood material shall be as light as possible. Normally, metallurpine or metal sheets are used.
  • Possibility of use for external and internal impersonal works of hipschoartone or other lung profiles.
  • Mensard roof warming♪ For this purpose, a mineral vata or any other such conservator will be excellent.

It's better to build and conserve the manners to attract professional masters. The cost of construction of the mechandise floor will depend on its size, design, type of construction materials used for installation and other parameters.

Qualified Udu service masters offer services for the installation of mansard roofs of any type. Prices for the construction of the mansard are relatively low. You can order a mansard floor in the old house anytime. Udu's technicians will come to the construction site, professionally assess the situation and develop a project for a future mansard, taking into account all the customer's wishes. A pre-priiselist will also be provided for the stated work.

Udu ' s specialists carry out the following varieties of mansard roofs:

  • Single blood.
  • Double roof.
  • False blood.
  • Half-walm and waltz roof.
  • Coop or pyramid roof.
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