Спальни интерьер фото от Bahtinov

Spoon Designing The Interior Photos

There's a lot of room interiors in one way: a lot of pillows, a blanket, a light, a carpet on the floor, an exquisite furniture... Yeah, you can say these interns are popular, but that doesn't mean the modern bedroom or the modern style is gonna look worse. 'Cause everyone has their taste, and if anyone sleeps well in a bedroom, luxury in the queen, then the other sleeps in a room more like a cabin of a futuristic spacecraft. Someone likes soft lines and warm shades, and someone likes cold tone and severe, geometric forms. Someone prefers soft textiles and trees, and someone likes plastic and cold diode light. Comfort is a strictly individual concept like beauty. Therefore, by designing the interior of the bedroom, the designer must come first from the client's wishes. In fact, the task of any designer is to understand what the client really wants and to translate his desires into reality, complementing his experience and knowledge. The result of this work will always be excellent.

As mentioned above, the design of the interior of the bedroom may be different, but in any case the room has to rest, relax. Which means that the interrier should be harmonious, without sharp splashes of color or tension forms. And even if bright colours or unusual lines are used, it may be possible to create a harmonious interface with rest. How do you do that? The designer of the Avkube studio knows this, and our work is a better confirmation of these words.

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