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СпальняInternier of the bedroom photo No. 1

The bedroom is so much in that word...

Who works, he's asleep.

According to medical research, a man sleeps about a third of his life. The second third is spent on work and the third is on everything else. But it's theory. In practical terms, sleep usually takes much less time. Today's life is too fast, demanding, too saturated by events and information to give precious hours to the rest of a stubborn broom.

In many cases, it is all about the work-son ratio, the first part of which is constantly increasing and the second is decreasing. That is why it is essential to use every opportunity to improve the quality of your dream.Спальня You can, of course, rest in the room with the red vows and the door instead of the bed, but it won't help our health. In order to correctly process the bedroom, it is advisable to study the already available interior of the bedroom. The image (and possibly video) of this view will clearly demonstrate the dignity of each furniture model.

Rest against will.

Interns are asleep with photo No. 2

The right interior of the bedroom is just a way of saying a little rest. There's a peaceful, relaxing, calm background in the room. The flowers are best suited by saturated but not bright.Веста-1 A special sweet dream comes into bedrooms with all the shades of blue. Dark blue needs good natural lighting and high ceilings. If the windows of the room go north, it is recommended that the seawave colour be chosen if the light blue and bruise are on the south.

The curtains, if possible, should be chosen from a tight tissue that does not pass the light. It is desirable that natural lighting intensity be approximately artificial. So the bedroom will look the same good day and night.Спальня Look at the picture of the interior of the bedroom that was performed by the Ronikon factory.

What's interesting?

Photo 3 bedroom interns

Photo interviewer No. 4

The central place of any bedroom is the bed. The measure of hardness (to avoid ruining the scapegoat) is wide enough (to make lovers sniff in their sleep) and, of course, low (if they fall, not to hurt).

It's gonna be nice to have a cover-up. It's specially designed to store small, but extremely necessary things in the bedroom. It can be done separately, but more often, it goes in the kit with the bed.