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Internal Dimension

блок хаус для внутренней отделкиEvery person has his or her perception and assessment of the surroundings, everyone prefers to be in a habitual environment for him, and she is very individual. But there's a sort of interior disconnect that's well received by most people. This is about the use of wood in the interior, and this is where the chaus block for the inner division offers a great opportunity to realize its own ideas and ideas.

What's the good blockhouse?

The first impression that leaves a blockhouse is a routine board with a face of a cylindrical shape and a burial and a puzzle on the ribs. However, when Internal separation The bloc-house, the photo as an example of this interior fitting, can be seen below, the perception will be quite different.

In terms of the characteristics of this material, which makes it possible to be used inside the premises, it may be noted that:

  • Green. This is completely harmless material that does not adversely affect the organism;
  • Light and strength. When using a house block for internal separation, it does not cause undue influence on the building ' s structure and foundation;
  • soundproof. The Haus Block, like any wood, ensures significant absorption and noise reduction;
  • Simulation and edibility;
  • The removal of the blockhouse inside the house allows him to breathe;
  • The microclimate in the room is the air smelted by the smell of wood and resin, acquiring therapeutic properties.

In addition, such a board allows for an easy combination of a wide variety of space items, such as balls, bricks, cables. What's the look of a chaus block inside, the photo below shows in sufficient detail.

Don't forget the original appearance that reminds me of the roubles of the wall. And the feeling of warmth that will always give a house that is separated by similar material.

отделка блок хаусом внутри фото монтаж блокхауса внутри помещения