Дизайн крыши дома: как правильно выбрать форму и уклон - каталог

House Roofs Free Of Charge

Houses with flat roofs (photo, videos, drawings that can be seen in this section) are resonated with a commonly suburban private house from childhood. They leave the impression of extravagantness, turbulence and innovation, from uncommon and increasingly attractive, which explains the demand for them in 2016. The simple architectural directions of hai-tex and design, one of the main features of which is flat blood, give rise to false impressions. Only high-grade architects of rectangular designs can create a truly harmonious, stylish, elegant new home with comfort, energy efficiency and functionality. In this section, we have assembled projects of flat roof housing units that can be purchased at average market prices.

The architectural projects of flat-blooded houses represent a wide range of planning and space. The single-story and two-level houses of this collection are truly original and unique. Z500 keeps filling its collection by adding modern flat roof houses. We wish you pleasure in looking and choosing projects!

Planning of flat roof housing projects: the convenience of choice

We put two filters on the catalogue page to make it easier to search private houses.

By selecting certain parameters in the filter (architectural style, site parameters, etc.), you can quickly select the projects that are most suited to your wishes (seeds and sketches are attached to almost all projects). The filters located on the top and right of the catalogue have no connection to each other. On the right, let's say, Cattage projects With flat roofs ranging from 100 to 150 m2 at the entrance from the south, you have the opportunity, with a top filter, to display the cheapest to the road and to identify the minimum cost of such projects. Then, by asking for a wide range from the minimum age, you can examine the proposals of narrow houses corresponding to the initially chosen category. The parameters of the right search form remain unchanged.