Планировки типовых домов

House Planning Photos

ЖК «Утесов» в 10 минутах от центраHQ Utesov, 10 minutes from centre

First line of Moscow River. Like green terraces. Your own parking area with the coast! Fired, protected area with children ' s and sports sites. Keys in 2017!

Bulatnikovo 2 kilometres from CID

Celebrating apartment prices! Go buy it! Division, fenced area, kindergarten, school, parking.

You want to live 40 minutes from Moscow?

Prepared and constructed houses, 5 minutes on foot to g/d. Zelenograd. Ownership!

Готовая квартира в МытищахPreparing apartment in the Utish.

Two-room apartment 70m2 with design repairs, a huge kitchen, a view of windows on the Pirot Forest.

It's a town event on Rublevk!

15 minutes from Slavian Boulevard Metro. 500 infrastructure! More time for family!

Elite Club Houses in CAO

New hulls of 350 000 per m2. Hamovniki: perhaps the best neighborhood for families with children. Parks and ponds, four kindergartens and school. 0 per cent to 2 years old. HC Inteco reliable developer

Spend more time for family!

Mitino O2, unique apartments at 10 minutes. 500 objects!

Unique Quarter Tétris St. Metro Touchin

Carbon and furniture from 1,8 million roubles. 0 per cent Initial mortgage contribution 0 per cent 10 minutes Up to the subway

Flotilla M. River Station

Город-событие на Рублевке! Элитный комплекс клубных домов в ЦАО Тратьте больше времени на семью! Уникальный Квартал Тетрис ст. Метро Тушинская

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