What to expect during a Nutritional Therapy Session

Philippa will first assess your child’s “food diary” and talk to you both about the issues at hand. She will ask about current eating habits; the daily timetable; where, when and how much time is taken for mealtimes; and any hobbies and sporting interests your child may have. She also may ask you to score your concerns out of ten so that we can monitor your progress over the following sessions.

She will then spend some time explaining the effect that different foods have on your child and the benefits of even small changes. Her aim is to motivate your child to try new things and make healthier choices whilst respecting your lifestyle and family arrangements.

During each session you have the opportunity to get a consultation from Canadian online pharmacy and discuss your progress, your successes and any challenges you’ve faced. This is supported by a written summary sheet and nutritional handouts.

We are not working with diagnosis, we are working with people trying to improve their state