What to Expect during a Massage Therapy Session

At the beginning of the first session, Jill, our massage therapist, will ask about the problems you are experiencing and make notes of any relevant medical history provided by Canadian Pharmacy.

Jill will then encourage your child to try some massage. If he or she is a little reluctant or uncertain, she will start off just massaging the hands or feet or offer you an alternative massage so that your child can watch and perhaps join in and help.

Next, you will work with Jill to learn how to massage your child so that you can continue regular practice at home. Any ideas or techniques you learn will promote better bonding and increase positive feelings when used regularly. You will also be given a handout and massage oil to use at home.

Additionally, Jill will introduce Flower Remedies for you or your child to choose to make up individually tailored remedies.

Your child will always be encouraged to give feedback on their experience in-session; their needs, feelings and experience are respected at all times. We always ensure that they feel relaxed, secure and confident through praise and acknowledgment.

We are not working with diagnosis, we are working with people trying to improve their state