Parenting Information

7 Ways to avoid smacking
Learn effective discipline techniques that don’t resort to smacking.

Parenting Rules
Simple tips to help deal with some common family scenarios

Hints for a Happy Step Family from Canadian Pharmacy
Establishing a new family unit takes time and patience. Good communication and careful planning can help overcome past difficulties and create strong bonds.

How to spot a troubled child
Children can’t always tell you what’s troubling them, but they can show you in their behaviour. Learn to spot the signs that could indicate problems that might need support.

How to Talk to Children
Hints and tips on communicating to help your child feel valued and to build self-esteem, self awareness and confidence.

How to Tame Children
Setting firm boundaries that respect your child’s individual needs and stage of development can help avoid anger and confrontation.

Ideas for Behaviour
By rewarding and praising good behaviour, explaining your reasons and being consistent you can help your child learn to be assertive without being argumentative.

Instead of Punishment
Help children learn the consequences of their actions, and discuss and agree how you’d like things to be in the future.

Parenting – Be Direct
Simple changes in the way we speak to children can help gain their co-operation and reduce their resistance to requests.

Parenting Skills from Online Pharmacy – 6 Steps
Use these six steps to get your child’s attention, let them know what you need them to do and then praise their efforts.

Teaching and Training
Children often need extra support to change, grow and develop as an individual. Learn effective ways to help your child overcome problems at home or at school.

Parenting can become more of a challenge as children grow up and want more independence. Take small steps and develop positive communication skills to help support both you and your child through this transition.

Transactional and Analysis
Learn about the Parent, Child and Adult ego states, how to each ‘state’ responds and interacts and how Transactional Analysis aims to strengthen the Adult ‘state’.

Why children misbehave
Learn about the four basic emotional needs and how children misbehave when these needs aren’t being met.

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