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Kids In Clover

Find out why our treatments are so successful

Kids in clover book

Since 1996 qualified and dedicated staff at Clover House have developed three simple strategies that have helped almost every child that has entered their friendly and welcoming doors. Their secret? Nutrition; massage; imagery.

Results have been astonishing, encouraging and in some cases completely life changing. The difference in a child after just three sessions, with on-going support from parents and family, means there is no longer a ‘problem’ or suffering child, but a happy child free of problems.

Now with their new book, the stories of families and children are shared in “Kids in Clover”. It explains in simple terms why each of the therapies work, and follows three case studies of each of 28 conditions successfully treated.

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The Clover House Solution booklet

How to do it

Clover House Booklet

The Clover House Solution booklet gives 60 pages of easy “bites” of advice generally given to parents – including helping children’s self esteem, hints on discipline, sleep and exercise. How to improve nutrition and get good attitudes to children for healthy eating. Imagery ideas are shown. Massage techniques and issues are explained, together with flower remedies.

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The Clover House DVD

See and hear it

With interviews of therapists and families, this DVD shares some techniques and the work of Clover House to help you help children’s health and wellbeing.

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