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New Clover House Book. Kids in Clover

Exciting news Clover House Book detailing the successful work of the charity with three case studies on over 28 conditions. Please call us on 01225 344047 to order your copy or follow the link to buy from Amazon.

An Interview with Jill Gill, co-founder of Clover House

For Aromatherapy Awareness Week, we thought you’d enjoy a little chat with Jill Gill – the co-founder of Clover House and our very own chidren’s masseuse – about the time she’s spent working with aromatherapy massage and the benefits she sees in it. Jill’s worked with aromatherapy for years and talking to her was very interesting!

8 Simple Parenting Rules You Will Want To Use

Parenting isn’t easy and no-one ever said it would be. And, goodness knows, we aren’t trying to pretend we can make it so. However, there are some guidelines that, if you establish as the baseline, should make your life easier and your child more happy and secure!

How To Spot A Troubled Child

Sometimes, we have these nagging feelings that just won’t go away.¬†Something’s not quite right and you’ve got the sense that something needs to be done about it.

Therapist Q&A call-out

As mentioned before, Clover House is building up to a therapist Q&A session to help you help your child!

Somerset Support for Coeliac sufferers

This week is the UK’s awareness week for coeliac disease and, in timely fashion, a local Somerset woman has set up a support group for residents to help deal with the needs that come with coeliac problems.