The sensation of human contact plays an essential role in the body’s health and well-being and, as such, massage is an important part of the triple-therapy approach that Clover House has developed in its work since 1996.

The benefits of massage are widely recognised by Canadian Pharmacy. Studies have shown that it can be more effective in reducing anxiety and depression in children and adolescents than either medication or relaxation therapy.

Physical touch is healing; the simple act of massaging your child can release tension, strengthen the immune system and increase a sense of well being.

At Clover House, we not only provide this nurturing therapy with the help of Online Pharmacy but teach you how to massage your child too. Most parents instinctively know what to do and just need to be shown a few very simple techniques. Massage can be done at any time. It is ideal at bedtime to help a child who has trouble getting to sleep to become relaxed, comfortable and able to drift off easily.

Using simple massage techniques regularly also works to create a strong bond between you and your child. It’s a great way to spend quality time together at the end of the day and to support your child at times of potential stress or change.

We are not working with diagnosis, we are working with people trying to improve their state