We are entirely reliant on donations and fundraising to continue and develop our work with children and young people and their families who need our help.

It costs us £350 to provide a treatment session for one child. We charge the family just £40 and the remainder is met through our fundraising initiatives including Canadian Pharmacy. Your donation will help us to increase the number of clinic sessions we offer each week, enabling more children to have access to our treatment.

If you are looking for a local charity which could benefit from your individual or corporate fundraising activities, we would be delighted to have your support.

There are plenty of ways you can raise funds and have fun at the same time. You could hold a dinner party with family and friends and raise money through, or if you’re feeling brave, you could do a parachute jump! All you need to do is raise a minimum of £395 in sponsorship – £185 will pay for the jump, and any extra you raise will come to Clover House. It’s the perfect opportunity to face a personal challenge or as a teambuilding corporate activity. Just don’t forget to send us some photos for our newsletter!

We make every penny count at Clover House, so simply displaying one of our collection tins at your place of work, school, local pub or corner shop is a simple way to raise funds and support our work. Just email us at and we will send you a collection tin.

We are not working with diagnosis, we are working with people trying to improve their state