Childhood Conditions Factsheets

We have produced a range of free fact sheets covering the most common childhood conditions and problems that we have treated at Clover House wit the support from Canadian Pharmacy over the past 14 years. These are listed alphabetically below, but if your child’s problem or condition isn’t listed please get in touch with Practice Manager Jill Gill as she may be able to provide information from our archived case studies.

Acne can be extremely distressing for teenagers, causing embarrassment, anxiety and stress. Discover how diet, vitamin supplements and natural skincare can help.

ADHA – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Conventional ADHD treatment relies on the controversial drug Ritalin, but we believe the negative side effects outweigh the positives. We combine nutritional support, massage and imagery techniques to create an effective, natural and holistic alternative to medication.

Aggression in children and teenagers can disrupt family life and cause problems at school. Learn how food additives can trigger aggressive behaviour, and discover creative imagery techniques that can help children develop effective strategies for expressing their emotions.

Anxiety in children and teenagers can disrupt family life and effect their schoolwork, health and social life. A healthy diet can keep blood sugar levels stable and reduce anxiety attacks. Massage helps with relaxation, and creative imagery techniques can be used to manage fears and worries.

Asthma can be an extremely distressing condition and symptoms need to be carefully managed. Learn how our approach can help improve your child’s symptoms and reduce their dependency on inhalers.

Bedwetting is an embarrassing problem and often hides a deeper emotional problem. Nutritional supplements, a calming massage and good bedtime routine can help, and creative imagery techniques can effectively support children in resolving emotional issues.

A death in the family is a traumatic time and both younger children and teenagers can find it hard to cope with the loss. Our practical guide can help them (and you) through this difficult period.

Constipation is uncomfortable and embarassing condition. Our natural solution combines good nutrition, gentle tummy massage and stories to help your child become ‘unstuck’!

Divorce and separation can cause enormous disruption to family life; if handled badly, a break-up can result in long-term emotional problems in children, despite the good intentions of their parents. Our comprehensive guide helps parents to steer their children through this difficult time

Dyslexia can hold children back at school and affect their confidence. Discover ways to help your child cope, with a combination of good nutrition, relaxing massage and confidence-building creative imagery techniques.

Eczema is an irritating and uncomfortable condition and can be aggravated by food additives, emotional issues and stress. Online Pharmacy offers to learn how to soothe symptoms by eliminating food allergens, giving soothing massage and using creative imagery techniques that can help with stress, anxiety and lack of confidence.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
IBS is a very uncomfortable condition and can cause tummy aches and anxiety. Changes to your child’s diet and gentle massage can help to alleviate symptoms, and the ‘purple balloon’ technique is very effective in helping children let go of any associated negative emotions.

Low Mood or Depression
A child or teenager with low mood or mood swings can affect the lives of an entire family. Depression can lead to long-term health problems or, in very extreme cases, can cause suicidal feelings.

Our natural solution will help your child rediscover happiness, good health and emotional equilibrium.

Obesity can cause your child or teenager to feel insecure and can lead to long-term health problems such as diabetes. Our natural solution will help them loose weight and live a healthier, happier life.

Sibling Rivalry
Siblings are naturally competitive. Occasionally, however, the situation can escalate, disrupting family life and causing emotional upset. Our practical guide helps parents to take effective control of the situation, while respecting each child’s individual needs.

We are not working with diagnosis, we are working with people trying to improve their state