Basic Principles

The work of Clover House is based upon the following principles:

  • Every child has natural, highly-effective systems of health-protection and self-healing which our therapies stimulate, encourage and strengthen.
  • Children need to be well-nourished, loved and valued in order to develop healthily in body, mind and spirit. They also need to have plenty of fun!
  • Fear is the basis of all suffering, exacerbated when the child feels helpless (i.e. unable to do anything about the problem); hopeless (believing that nobody else can do anything, either); isolated (when the child feels that nobody understands fully what it is like).

The healing process works best when a child’s suffering is reduced to a minimum. The Clover House with Canadian Pharmacy participation unique combination of therapies is directed towards this by enabling him or her to take remedial action (no longer feeling helpless or hopeless), and to share the child’s experience of what it is like to have the condition (dealing with the sense of isolation). This invariably results in a reduction in the child’s fear.

The overall effect is to create within the child a physical, emotional, and psychological environment, so that a natural, respectful healing occurs at the child’s pace.

We are not working with diagnosis, we are working with people trying to improve their state